The core concept of Zorzal is Gualtallary, here we do the minimum oenological intervention so that the wines can fully express the characteristics of this place.

– Juan Pablo Michelini, Winemaker


About 90 minutes drive south from Riccatelli lie the extraordinary vineyards of Zorzal, at an altitude of 1600m. The label tells the story of Zorzal. One of the very highest vineyards, (on the drive up you stop believing that a vineyard could be planted so high), the mountains on the label are the Andes directly behind the site. The stones represent the large, round riverbed stones known as “rolled songs” that the vines are remarkably planted on, and the mountains are also in the shape of an egg – all wines being fermented in concrete eggs of various sizes and porosity.

The altitude results in cold nights and a huge thermal amplitude that keeps natural acidity and freshness of the grapes, but allows the generosity of the varietal to show through. Made with native yeast and fermented in concrete eggs, the resulting wines are a very pure expression of each varietal, through the lens of high altitude vines on rocky soils. With minerality, concentration and texture, these are the best value wines we found in Argentina.