I have produced wines of very limited productions that discover unique expressions of the traditional, indigenous and minority varieties of Rioja.

– Rafael Vivanco


The Vivanco winery could be a set in a James Bond movie – kilometres of entirely underground, custom built steel and wooden vats, hidden gravity fed tunnels, a museum with some of the world’s very first (4 BC) wine artefacts, paintings by Picasso and Miro related to wine and Bacchus, the world’s largest collection of both bottle openers and historical grape presses, the historical train that took fruit from Rioja to Bordeaux when Bordeaux was hit by Phylloxera, and outside, the Garden of Bacchus, a collection of grapevines which boasts more than 220 varieties from around the world – Vivanco is a force of nature. This is a project at which no expense will ever be spared for excellence. An example is the Vivanco bottle, which is modelled on the the very last hand blown wine bottle ever made (and, of course, the original is in the museum). As with the winery, no expense is spared in the vineyard, and each wine reflects a superb vineyard, fastidious winemaking, and a true sense of Spanish passion in every bottle.