We are heavily committed to sustainable wine growing, following an exhaustive and demanding action plan, from soil and vine nutrition, soil maintenance, treatment of the vines, sustainable protection of the vineyards and waste management.


Palmer & Co.

Palmer & Co. is a famous prestige Champagne house located in the center of the grand terroirs of the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne, where all its vineyards are classified as Premier or Grand Cru. Known for the restrained power of the best Pinot Noir dominant Champagnes, Palmer’s champagnes are matured in 11km of chalk caves under the Château. With one of the most famous of all Rose and Blanc de Noir champagnes, extended aging is they key to the complexity and lusciousness of its wines. With only a recent focus on exports, Forbes in 2015 described Palmer & Co. as the ‘America’s Best New Champagne’