The philosophy of the estate is dedicated to its terroir – the idea that wines must be the individual expression of their soil, climate and cultivation in the vineyard – and that this must be maintained according to principles of sustainability and passed on to the next generation.


Elena Walch

Run by the matriarch Elena Walch, and her two daughters Julia and Caroline in the picturesque Dolomite mountains, Elena Walch centres around the famous Castel Ringberg vineyard, which ‘rings’ 1620 Habsburg castle. With superb cool climate conditions, the steep, sunny slopes of dolomite rock with loose reddish limestone create a unique terroir. This site produces fresh and elegant white wines as well as a famously concentrated and velvety Lagrein – the ‘insiders’ wine of the Alto-Adige. Lagrein has a complex bouquet with spicy aromas, distinctive tannin structure, smooth fullness, and a playful yet rustic elegance.