There are some incredible wine brands around the world that are not large, nor are they boutique or trendy.

They own their own vineyards and wineries, they make wines that could only come from their place in the world, have real stories and history, and offer great value.

CoLab Wine Merchants represent wine estates from around the world, personally visited, tasted and selected.


Our team have cultivated a strong presence in the New Zealand wine market through our commitment to sourcing and promoting exceptional local and international wines, fostering collaborations with renowned wine producers, and providing service excellence to our customers.

Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilised.

– Andre Simon

Wine to me is like reading a full book. Wine always tells a story. Wine is passion, family and friends. Wine is art and culture. As with human beings, a wine’s taste depends on its origins and its upbringing and it is exactly that upbringing that I look at when selecting or drinking wine.

 (CoLab Team member)


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